At the Musarium [27601 – 27700]

[27601 – 27700]

Her nth patchouli riposte, so anglicized
& upcast, inscribes a hawk-eyed sangfroid
within the mycelium flywheel of
repetitive somnambulistic sainthood.
Her whiplash & amnesia, her backache
& dishcloth detergent underscore the
diastolic antistrophe of amanuenses.
Oh to oversleep for a whopping Alp
of cheesy fries! To smolder blithering
& blotchy over the cataclysmic
percept of circumpolar muchness!
Like a wombat to cantilever
the unproven cobblestone of conviction,
& like a mantis at last to molt!


At the Musarium [22801 – 22900]

[22801 – 22900]

Roebuck wiggle, starfish tipple
& creel unsure of their mauser
oscillate circumspectly one self-sustaining
mis-step from trefoil immolation. But
despite the ides of reliquary, Browning
was no quitter. His effortless yoga
therapeutics intermingle, his
harum-scarum tornadoes reanimate
as far as westernmost Bucharest,
its wholeness disgorged of electromotive
abnormality—unlike the basso
sirocco amigo who fester
despondently with chiaroscuro

Composed: 6-21-11

At the Musarium [14301 – 14400]

[14301 – 14400]

After the russet lamplight of hysteria
& freckled love-making, after
the diluted hemlock & vomiting,
after Leah advises Bianca about
her bodice & Bianca’s perfunctory “hi,”
after the valueless surveillance of Pollux
& Gretchen’s nuclear ultimatum,
after you overhear Singapore whoop
it up past creamy dawn & the able-
bodied spinster intercede, mightn’t you
prattle? mightn’t you swagger a bit?
mightn’t you wreck the enormity
of Josh’s virile Ionian cassock
with shears of illimitable hearsay?

Composed: 2-27-13
Published: The Citron Review. Jacqui Morton, ed. Fall 2013. Web.

At the Musarium [27501 – 27600]

[27501 – 27600]

No hypo-innovative multimillionaire,
or all-encompassing arch-diva on
a time-limit, no noumenon cretin
caffeine-head below the watermark, no
gnomic selector skidding to genuflection
before simulacra shall beleaguer
this idiosyncratic derring-do
or contort the mucky paradigm of apple-sauce
& badminton or denude this heartease.
Consequentially, fleeting dragonflies
zing past, vixenish, with locative mocking-
bird scherzo, abalone gyre on bi-
nomial webbing, & Nipper surfs gnarly
tri-dentine ontology, her backhand
Rx for annealing an earing.

Composed: 3-9-14

At the Musarium [12401-12500]

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Fragmentary Goth-worshiping pranks
grapple an oily foothold near Camden.
Intermittent lobster grab the barrister.
Rapturous physiology? Moi?
The grouse ripens. Antelope
ramble. There are bats.
Alongside the Tiber, from Ravenna
to Siena, aggrieved Spartans
hitch & shove—Gangway!—
till acquiescence intervenes. Overnight
at a booth in a Madras bazaar, daughters-in-law
ply sedition & indecorous agreements darken the
seminary stockade. A cypress bellows. Kim?
Nether Hades flares. Dun rivulets gush,
inducing a wrathful bane of boring duplicate ennui.

Composed: 3-25-09
Published: Counterexample Poetics. Felino Soriano, ed. (July 2009). Web.