At the Musarium [27501 – 27600]

[27501 – 27600]

No hypo-innovative multimillionaire,
or all-encompassing arch-diva on
a time-limit, no noumenon cretin
caffeine-head below the watermark, no
gnomic selector skidding to genuflection
before simulacra shall beleaguer
this idiosyncratic derring-do
or contort the mucky paradigm of apple-sauce
& badminton or denude this heartease.
Consequentially, fleeting dragonflies
zing past, vixenish, with locative mocking-
bird scherzo, abalone gyre on bi-
nomial webbing, & Nipper surfs gnarly
tri-dentine ontology, her backhand
Rx for annealing an earing.

Composed: 3-9-14


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