At the Musarium [18701-18800]

[18701 – 18800]

Before the dulcet gloat of vertigo,
combative viscera whir, & discourteous
tradespeople—who’ve sprouted discretionary
chunks of casuistry—swap their neuralgia
for heady loquacity & adamantine insomnia.
What a quandary for our adventuress,
stoic on her pontoon houseboat, encumbered
by her refrigerator, & for the satyr
abrogated inside her fustian suitcase.
With harmonic iteration of enervated
perspicuity, alchemists haw through the sedge
to disable the matrix, as the wraith
& brawn of a fairytale monotheism
aides their safe-conduct & inoculation
against the clairvoyance of the borax compendium.

Composed: 6-16-09
Published: Critiphoria. Mar. 2010. Web.


At the Musarium [9901 – 1000]

[9901 – 1000]
Yawning bohemian toleration
reserves for itself a wintery
friendliness, Angela, so heave your
whirlwind, embark on the firmament
& clutch Carlos to your penitent, ascetic
armchair. Don’t prolong your livid lamentation,
sequel to your lamentable cleanliness.
Don’t scar his greasy cleverness. Instead
invade his grating absorption & terminate
his repressed & ignoble moustache. Herein
the timely dismissal. Herein the stalwart
buggy & its willful lining—without
a sous, without a farthing.

Composed: 6-23-11
Published: Vayavya. Mihir Vatsa, ed. December 2013. Web.

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At the Musarium [27701 – 27800]

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[27701 – 27800]
Aloha! my absentminded macaroon,
my irreplaceable masquerader,
my jack-in-the-box impersonator—
We are siblings, all, in this hara-kiri
tug-of-war between the extremum of
geomancy & the maxilla of its
quincunx, between apologetics &
consternation, between life-buoy librettos
& rondo cantabile. Why hobnob with
the great-granddaughter of some leery
high-level bureaucrat when pumpernickel
& potpourri crisscross the windshield, a
toreador fathering the hippogriff
diorama of your yashmak Hummer?

At the Musarium [14601 – 14700]

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[14601 – 14700]
By their superlative reappearance
the husbandman & the viscount sweeten
the grouping, while Ariel Vat & the mendicant
let rip. One tsp of unaltered condensation
braces the terminus. Woodlands transgress
the palisades of technology like a plucky
sorcerer with his sickle to dissuade—
theoretically—the blizzard inside
this doughty fresco. They allege a
jumble to the coxcomb & the spaniel,
to the turnip, to the sawdust, to the goldsmith,
detecting the torpid luster of a loser. Aw, Marcel,
you blockhead! Junk your statuary
for a more reputable stupefaction.

Composed: 4-25-09
Published: Danse Macabre. Adam Henry Carriere, ed. (July 2009). Web.