At the Musarium [22901 – 23000]

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[22901 – 23000]
Cher sleeveless mutineer,
I commiserate. Your honorific
wizardry genders symptomatic
abridging, though that coastguard dullard
disagrees—as do the pigmy & the
Argonese annalist who overdose
on vermicelli & ketchup. Eugenics
rimes with nationalist, tarantella
with anarchic, narcissistic with
narcissistic. Aesthetically, lachrymose
is inadvisable. Pep, Neb, Draco, Sylph,
Dong, Sumac, & Cesspool may all stand-up
on their faux flatboat, but the imbroglio
at the bookstore was only a charade.

Composed: 6-19-11
Published: Post Poetry. SK Kayes, ed.(Autumn 2011). 12. Print.


At the Musarium [23100 – 23200]

[23100 – 23200]
after reading Briggflatts


A watchdog will kedge
with sludge an anagram
at insensitive Candlemas
not effervescent tungsten
but choppy targe, its mandible
prone & ruminant, happed
confetti to enshrine
plinth to pelvic collide
on the loamy benison.


Down on the wharfs
fanfare for her pabulum
aside the triennial swale
of nonconformity, to mull
flagellation & fratricide
proscribe, a fiver for sizing
& quern to transpose
this hieroglyph that clots
to vend a catafalque
& congeal.

At the Musarium [30501-30600]


The blackcap who lasciviously oversaw
viability, the lackluster Lilliputian
who Capitalized at lunchtime on the anapest
& brio, along with the time-consuming
Episcopalian who hosted the contango—
defloration unchallengeable—their scission
under an electroscope, their sumo sura
& rhapsodic simultaneousness raveling—
ovine a prolate parasitology famulus
with dihedral tawse. They grepped
the foon a bumboat, but the Guinean
roo a Welsher.

Composed: 3-19-09
Published: 5-4-14 Poehemians. Eva Xanthopoulos, ed. May 2014. Web. []

At the Musarium [10201 – 10300]

[10201 – 10300]
Though the operator yawned, incidentally,
calling his parable of pyramids
a dubious adaption, she did not scold him
& the bard remained unawares. Whosoever
bide with the turtle will not thrive
with the pigeon. Like Herodotus at Rhodes,
Plutarch on Malta clustered behind his
treasure, too joyously hip to recite
sans outcry, too spoilt to export pike,
too despotic to vex the miscellaneous
efficacy of his advisors. But when kinsmen
actuated their membership, a tearful
stew superceded the shaved veterans
of their cumulative laurels. “Par for the course,”
she said, “since all their fabulous belongings
stimulate disapproval & denote compulsory
conflagration.” At this altitude,
only the ruthless survive.

Composed: 7-8-09

At the Musarium [23901 – 24000]

[23901 – 24000]

Relight the astrolabe fey Netherlander,
for I’m conflicted. Though I peddle my
unheroic tricycle, all godspeed
& weirdness, at evensong a bullfinch
deadens the seamless margrave with saltpeter.
Relight the handspike, for this nerve-racking
snapshot is mushy & insubstantial
as a puree of bumptious Newtonian
transcendentalism. Mime on moony
stammerer. Relight the ovule, gullible
ventriloquist, & outflank the buttock of
coronary morbidity: for screed
is pottle to the teetotaler, as
instrumentation is prophylactic
to the wolverine.

Composed: 5-3-14