At the Musarium [14701 – 14800]

[14701 – 14800]

Unravel this phial, oh warm-hearted
Sappho, of its sprig of vernal drowsiness,
open-mouthed to luscious tidal blues that
vibrate with incandescent quietude,
for Demeter to emissary quarterly
upon her meager barque. Tillage of twos
& cancelled presidents, bedclothes blood-
shot with the nag & squeak of propagate,
drummer at the typewriter of a cleaner
metamorphosis: What foreword defines
such untenable circumcision to probe
the inimical markings of a sacrilegious
& bullying celibacy?

Composed: 1-2-14
Published: 5-4-14 Poehemians. Eva Xanthopoulos, ed. May 2014. Web. []

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At the Musarium [14201 – 14300]

[14201 – 14300]
Devious, impervious, laughable,
without inkling or concepts, benighted,
ephemeral, ungainly, Gillian &
her execrable menagerie scuffle along
snorting their quota of moonshine,
hic, & turpentine. While stallion cantor,
they agitate. While subaltern Eskimo
caterpillar across symbolical
Madagascar, they inflame themselves,
the very personification of
potency, stoned & outgrown, on disbelief
& the gist of delusive unemployment,
skating a spherical quadrangle of
retrospect & papyrus.

Composed: 2-3-13
Published: The Citron Review. Jacqui Morton, ed. Fall 2013. Web.

At the Musariam [11201 – 11300]

[11201 – 11300]

Saintly Osiris accompanies Wizard
on his traverse of infinity, twofold
likelihood adrift upon ferment
immeasurable. Intoxicating gases
bubble, the dreamer sucked in at molten
zenith, the newcomer shuffling &
inarticulate, needing oftentimes
to broker bail. Magnanimous, they blend
above Bologna, an artless crescent that
reflects their spice & smoky nakedness.
Buoyant without jagged pronoun to tease
or enclose, without impure ancestry
advising reparation, they dive from
angular projections into a founding
infidelity graphic with exemplary vibration.

Composed: 5-19-09
Published: Folly Magazine. Katie Croke, ed. (August 2009). Web.

At the Musarium [15001 – 15100]

[15001 – 15100]

Spectacular Siena, you conditioned me,
absent-minded vortex, like the phenomenal
cactus in Deuteronomy after
a thunderstorm. This mediocre clod
of egoism, overworked & simplified, you
uplift, airing this vessel’s godless viper
of misconception. What quaking rift or
isthmus unattended, what annex garrulous
& rueful, revise unconditional this jester,
this clandestine genie, this Vedic comedian
gleefully abolishing suffocation?
Yet you perplex O Siren as you loot
among the ruffle & breakdown, tiring
your several beaux, like Zola on the dole.

Composed: 4-25-09
Published: Danse Macabre. Adam Henry Carriere, ed. (July 2009). Web.