At the Musarium [23401 – 23500]

[23401 – 23500]

Calloused under the meagerness of her
verdigris bandana, Wheatley loved to vetch,
“I’m as acclimated to this oboe
as a snowflake in Bahrain. Can’st not I
have overpaid?” Undeterred, she’d honk all
weekend long & with the unbreakable
torsion of a bacchanalian condor
would fulminate, reflexive, until her
bookmaker recanted. “Heh-heh! Catfish
with anise & dill! Postcards from OPEC!
Shit! A pimple!” Over by the Cilician
waterworks, her underpaid ladies-in-
waiting would trawl for squid & such-and-such
& winnow more flavours from the grot of the lune.

Composed 7-26-14


At the Musarium [27901 – 28000]

[27901 – 28000]
A nordic McGovern cure-all avast
with suppurate wanderlust? A gamecock,
harlequinade fossilised & insolvable,
gitting skeletal pejorative asymmetrical
chromatin? Lusterless obscurantism
indeclinable while the Janissary
gerrymander pinochle? No, Erica.
Chitterlings do yodel. The pachyderm
is a subspecies. The template a mutt.
Barbette, you may abroach & activate
your cicatrice. Euclidean invagination
abjures nifty know-how, as rationalizing
trencherman wringer from mezzanine.

Composed: 2-2-11

Please see “About” for notes on composition.

At the Musarium [20501 – 20600]

[20501 – 20600]
It’s out-and-out improvisation
unambitious looker-on. Before you
unroll your teepee under the ozone
periphery, head rearward. Promulgate
plumbing. Outgrow your sanctimonious
Delphic salamander. Juggle awareness
& verbiage like the incontinent chimpanzee
who dwelt upon the smokeless empyrean.
Fertilize drubbing with abetting, basing
hardwood on emulsion & schist.
Anyways, mope no more. The kingfisher
is high-strung & seventy-one, topmast
to stocky shepherdesses & your goldfish
eyeglasses can only impoverish the spunk of him.

Composed: 4-29-09
Published: Infinity’s Kitchen. 2011. Web.

At the Musarium [24001 – 25000]

[24001 – 25000]

Cycling the rutted Yangtze, Saint-Pierre
of the tinfoil sauerkraut is flung against
a low-pitched abutment, carapace un-
damaged. This confrontation of breastbone

& misbehavior bewilders our half-
pint, doddering, polytheistic old-
timer, this maverick bottling co-
existence with anticlimax—

sentencing watercress to newfangled
semicolon. Hah! To trope on cinnabar
is to dislocate a bonanza of
spermatozoa & incertitude, where

to inhere is to impinge, where to bash
is to electrify.

Composed: 1-16-12
Published: Mad Hat Lit Marc Vincenz & Clare L, Marb, eds. July 2014. Web.

Please see “About” for notes on the composition if this series.