At the Musarium [22401– 22500]

[22401– 22500]

Aha! Anatolia, who cleaved you, crescent-
shaped ember verbose with irrelevance,
from the ragamuffin Communists
of the 1980s & their catlike
savvy for the steamy velocities of
idealization? What thoracic
theocratic braggadocio of a
li’l half-inch bassoon halibut
popularized such subcutaneous
simony as the quietus & atavism
of a cosmetic Islamism twixt
the tog & volt of adverbial
omnipresence & a browbeat nostalgia
for tamarind & turmeric?

Composed: 8-29-14


At the Musarium [31801 – 31900]

[31801 – 31900]

Not to extrude on your farsightedness
but is that tofu in your backpack?
Only a dollop. I like you in that red-top
& beret. Why not make a beeline
for the honeydew? Oh dowse
your mimesis in watercolor, this
back-biting is bullshit! So are
these grassroots acronyms &
overemphasis on corny exhibitionist
aliveness. Enough non-verbal chitchat.
Your homonyms give me a boner.
Anyplace for the glassy-eyed kingfish?

Composed: 6-2-09
Published: Critiphoria. Mar. 2010. Web.

At the Musarium [22501 – 22600]

[22501 – 22600]

Anchovy & sandalwood foreshadow
a barbecue. Um! After the landslide,
goldenrod & forget-me-not ivied
the rose-garden with popinjay marionettes,
bicameral petrel, penultimate waterfowl
& lapidary porringer who hiccup, waiting
on the quarterdeck for their chowder
& for the one-armed lady-in-cheddar
idealized by a stockholder who
ponders his proclivity to refill her bra
with citrus, stat, without a middleman,
so to inure the robustness of Bogota
until u-boat meander the aether.

Composed: 5-1-09

AT THE MUSARIUM [34701 – 34800]

[34701 – 34800]
for George

Sulfurous sommelie, all awork
in taupe, why do you sniggle in stillnesses
even as Xanthous airwaves his thespian
zigamorph? Timekeeping troublemaker,
sororal all achar in wordplay, why
cannibalize the stockinet trickster or
anglicize the albacore uploaded
by our wirehead webmaster? Have you
cutback on ultraism? On angst? On
tutti-frutti conceptualization?
On areal trinitrotoluene acinus?
If antiphrasis can wiver a ceasefire
with Cassiope via walkie-talkie,
then don’t be bullied, sweety, or bepaint
cyanin your vanillin applecart.

Composed: 3-13-11

At the Musarium [101 – 200]

[101 – 200]

Come. Shall day take back the night
& make himself king? Shall years
take new love, whom mind called still?
Take nothing while each, both, long
& tell another where. Give place
to life because, because, because,
because while thought seemed far away
thoughts found & took & find again.
Never say might or set eyes
against the whole or put between
between between without hand or heart
or being. Go not. Think not, yet.

Composed: 9-18-09
Published: Moria. William Allegezza, ed. (Winter 2010). Web.