At the Musarium [30001 – 30100]

[30001 – 30100]

Zeros for your dodecahedron, titty
for your armhole libertarian—centerpiece
of your concupiscent, hotchpotch
epistemology. The tympan & menthol
splatter under the propellor of your
lampshade fortnights. The cytoplasm bit.
The nostalgic lyricist’s pinpoint
leftovers skittle the misk with the
glabrous ore of pinny tintinnabulation
& tch-tch of peach trees just above
the timberline. Now the lubra titillate
bypassing a sirocco caterwaul—
prepayment for the osteopathy.

Composed: 4-4-09
First published: Counterexample Poetics. Felino Soriano, ed. (July 2009). Web.


At the Musarium [9701 – 9800]

[9701 – 9800]

As the rabble ebb, axes emerge to
smite with quickness the acquitted.
Foolishness. Negligence. These invest
atrocious grievance with gout, to whit:
flowering is a nuisance, rowing
a rumor, cooling a retort, & this
rocking is a beastly yarn. O lonesome
heedless countrymen, our adversary
has awed us, our empress is diseased, our
Iliad impotent, our tapestry
unwonted. Bony on the manure sidewalk
the millionaire target of appropriation
wins, even when the frog can leap the canyon—

Composed: 6-19-11
Published: Post Poetry. SK Kayes, ed.(Autumn 2011). 12. Print.

At the Musarium [701 – 800]

[701 – 800]
Mary married wonder
laughed impossible tears
expected bright blue
horses, ancient writing, whatever.
She grew beside a silent wood
simple, like a tree, in reach
of experience. Afterwards
she stopped. At school she caught
man’s expression for food & language,
for society, for property. Quiet places
not born of getting. Easily caught,
she moved quickly. At twenty,
writing the duke to remain at York,
she raised youth to battle, entirely
struck by the danger of the fight.
The learned value worth, but these
circumstances merely command notice.

Composed: 3-13-10
Published in “At the Musarium (10)”: New Writing: International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing. Taylor & Francis. 7-12-12. Web.

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At the Musarium [20901-21000]

From its eyrie above the escarpment
an albatross wassails along the companionway
backyard to the darter & hornet, the crocus
& radish. When a salvo of clarinets impregnates
an uninspired Algerian florist, she twinges
& hafts her violoncello. The Hopi &
Blackfoot thresh & connive. O changeling!
Ignite the contumacious ones heedful
of your amenity. Transmute nauseating
peroxide refulgent into watermelons &
rumpus, this drouth of asthmatic silicate
into velveteen inhalation, into visibility
& reincarnation. Gretel, gimme a boost!

Composed: 3-24-09
Published: Fact-Simile 3.1: 34-7. Print.