At the Musarium [20901-21000]

From its eyrie above the escarpment
an albatross wassails along the companionway
backyard to the darter & hornet, the crocus
& radish. When a salvo of clarinets impregnates
an uninspired Algerian florist, she twinges
& hafts her violoncello. The Hopi &
Blackfoot thresh & connive. O changeling!
Ignite the contumacious ones heedful
of your amenity. Transmute nauseating
peroxide refulgent into watermelons &
rumpus, this drouth of asthmatic silicate
into velveteen inhalation, into visibility
& reincarnation. Gretel, gimme a boost!

Composed: 3-24-09
Published: Fact-Simile 3.1: 34-7. Print.


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