At the Musarium [701 – 800]

[701 – 800]
Mary married wonder
laughed impossible tears
expected bright blue
horses, ancient writing, whatever.
She grew beside a silent wood
simple, like a tree, in reach
of experience. Afterwards
she stopped. At school she caught
man’s expression for food & language,
for society, for property. Quiet places
not born of getting. Easily caught,
she moved quickly. At twenty,
writing the duke to remain at York,
she raised youth to battle, entirely
struck by the danger of the fight.
The learned value worth, but these
circumstances merely command notice.

Composed: 3-13-10
Published in “At the Musarium (10)”: New Writing: International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing. Taylor & Francis. 7-12-12. Web.

Please see “About” for notes on the composition of these poems. Thanks for reading!


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