At the Musarium [30001 – 30100]

[30001 – 30100]

Zeros for your dodecahedron, titty
for your armhole libertarian—centerpiece
of your concupiscent, hotchpotch
epistemology. The tympan & menthol
splatter under the propellor of your
lampshade fortnights. The cytoplasm bit.
The nostalgic lyricist’s pinpoint
leftovers skittle the misk with the
glabrous ore of pinny tintinnabulation
& tch-tch of peach trees just above
the timberline. Now the lubra titillate
bypassing a sirocco caterwaul—
prepayment for the osteopathy.

Composed: 4-4-09
First published: Counterexample Poetics. Felino Soriano, ed. (July 2009). Web.


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