At the Musarium [1501 – 1600]

[1501 – 1600]

I dressed with lifted hopes & wore December absence
for breakfast. To suffer collection post arrival, in
consideration of relations, while countries smoke,
while understanding duties its calling, completely
won, without rules, or storm, or rank. My flesh
legs it, carrying brain, soil, shame, proceeded by
burning affection inside an impression of
satisfaction, accompanied by the birth of teeth.
Imagine grand & empty, laughing & suffering,
Spain & machine, a phrase driven loud,
a smiling sentence, an extraordinary
pair of minds—that ring with relief that
any Sunday tells, a vessel treated to discover
its shape & prepare its lovely noise.

Composed: 11-18-10
First published: Indefinite Space. Winter 2012. np. Print.


At the Musarium [31101-31200]

for Bill Sylvester

Houdini’s paintbrush smatters
the logia—slung-shot provocateur baaing
transcendentally—frumpy idiopath
recriminating the wheateared hierarch—
until at Guadalcanal the harelip
disenfranchises the cowcatcher
driverless with memorization—
I-shaped verisimilar to inglenook—
foreshortening the battle-royale.
Agronomy azured to the grainy vocalizer:
Yob! Turkmen Yob!
Inhabitation bedevils the moonset
surtax. The clabber dreg in the glom.

Composed: 3-19-09
First published: Fact-Simile 3.1: 34-7. Print.

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At the Musarium [12701 – 12800]

[12701 – 12800]

Who weeps for Geraldine, or the colorless
suburban apothecary? For what
the naive partridge heralds, thorny atop
a dissolving pinnacle? For Irishmen?
For bananas that ostensibly bruise?
For the blackguard, his left-hand tingling
& holding trump while tomahawk thump
Greenland? For the forty-two plastered
in Havana who vivacious with lavender
& full of bigotry sip herbage by the gallon
welcoming their adoring man-of-war?
Or for Baghdad where, soon, the falcon will spar
with the huntsman & claw astride the somber squall.

Composed: 5-19-09
First published: Anemone Sidecar 5. Kathryn Rantala, ed. (Fall 2009). Web.

At the Musiaium [20601- 20700]

[20601 – 20700]
Penurious landsmen booze & polka
the Javanese interregnum between
Rangoon & protuberant, ironclad hotbed
of padres & nitre who embroil typewriting
with absconded commas encamping near
an equine parishioner. Crocuses wheeze
& exorcise, worshiping columnar
telepathy, the satanic avoirdupois
of stratification. Kinda. Don’t sulk
beneath the minaret, damosel. Your
favoritism bucks extrinsic acclivity
for both soggy terrapin & fractious
crustacean bedridden on the sandbank.

Composed: 4-29-09
First published: Infinity’s Kitchen. 13 June, 2013. Web.
Blogged: 10-4-14