At the Musarium [9801 – 9900]

[9801 – 9900]

Outright exaltation couples the
executioner to the pitiless
volcano depicted on the illegal
Hungarian passport that presses
stealthily against the speaker’s
sister-in-law, whose pompous whereabouts
dishonor the aggregate respectability
emerging from her manufacturer’s
earnings. Lances bang & grind,
combining cement with commissions,
weaving sullenly through Bavaria,
mountainous & unreal, the vacancy
of their boisterous reproof, & the
lightness its crumbling lookout.

Composed: 1-16-11 (or earlier)
First published: New Writing. UK. 7-12-12. Web.


At the Musarium [18001 – 18100]

[18001 – 18100]

“Nevermore,” adverted as cranks outwit
a UFO then recline near Loch Mir.
They carouse until gibberish accomplishes
the gracefulness of Urania. Allegation after
allegation, the brandy sop inquisitor
who exalts 666 & the senile whaler
converge, weeding alfalfa. Zechariah,
why fem? The quartet near Flagstaff
scald the auditorium, ranking ovation.
If yeomanry prune their demesne
grafting Brescia to Korea in a vise,
wainscot us? Awe-inspiring touchstone,
incautious paunch, wampum torpedoes,
alphabetical malediction, cadaverous
puss. Why balk? Whisk me an omelet
of this witless pertinacious tang.

Composed: 4-25-09
First published: Danse Macabre. 25. Adam Henry Carriere, ed. (July 2009). Web.

At the Musarium [301 – 400]

[301 – 400]

Already lost & in a whether city held
where along air answered several times gone
where children cried behind reason & sure
where letter received in open body
why indeed business united above care
& a dear girl & a son thus state thus
where thee become earth alone
during times known perhaps public
& leave open help & English laws.
The hour replied, the state, the ground
perhaps nature itself, therefore call
& wish & question truth, looking forth.
Mean soul, I’ll speak, & women, spirit,
rest, & coming fire feel.

Composed: 10-30-09
First published: Moria. William Allegezza, ed. (Winter 2010). Web.

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At the Musarium [1301 – 1400]

[1301 – 1400]
for Emilie

I took a guess at finding
in these waters powerful & alive
a few brave, thin fish that practice
a kind of telling. “Are they yours?”
they asked, “these papers that claim
what no tongue has so well expressed?”
I pity them the snow, & so, with an angry
necessity, I guard them from their enemies—
the hasty prince of a million spirits & the tired
gods backstage who draw Virtue behind
their famous gray carriage. I have taught them
portion & principle. Here they remain
& are satisfied, in this valley beneath
the golden heat of a remarkable moon,
growing more & more numerous.

Composed: 10-23-10
First published: Indefinite Space. Winter 2012. np. Print.

At the Musarium [12901 – 13000]

[12901 – 13000]

Claudia & Paolo doze for decades,
condescending to stagger aimless
through the torturous stubble of an Antarctic
amaze of inactivity, no festivity to foil
their noxious probabilities, nourishing
themselves on entrails of memoir, still ripped
by the sapphire lighthouse of lifelong revulsion.
They drawback each digit of their indigo delegation,
wrap the woolen rig in firewood, dunno
squat about smallpox, confuse dung
& coinage, & finally dismount by the Tigris
or one of its tributaries, gardening
the tilt for an antidote.

Composed: 7-8-09
First published: Hamilton Stone. Roger Mitchel, ed. (Summer 2010). Web.
Also in: New Writing. UK. 7-12-12. Web.