At the Musarium [20101 – 20200]

[20101 – 20200]
The bagpipes of the dockyard henchmen
overhang obliteration—excrescence
of hairless vainglorious alpaca
that jangle a bucolic maelstrom
interminably. Cornstarch & uncooked
bovine oat, perspicuous & satirically
mazy, exonerate the logician
of his dyspeptic naphtha & pointless runes.
His turgid formalism is unemotional.
His gritty semen outlast his stockbroker’s
migrating by subtraction as antic
cassava sugars & cutlery hurdle
Herzegovina in a shoddy huff
of impish mesmeric equipoise.

Composed: 4-29-09
First published: Infinity’s Kitchen. No.6. 2011.Web. []


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