At the Musarium [19301 – 19400]

[19301 – 19400]

Zebra twaddle at backgammon,
temperamental about the wildfire—
the python, the boa, & their ilk—
& about what the specter of misanthropy
achieves. Unconvinced, they befit
with deadening percussion the gashed
eucalyptus, scud & jowl with denudation.
Who would begrudge this meddlesome
intermixture of pickpocket & ringleader?
The leakage beneath the landlocked weathercock?
The inelegant smudge embracing the Hessian
& bruising the Teamster’s Corvette? What vats
of aphorisms & incubation ravish
the hub of this time-honored judicature
with extradition & mutilation?

Composed: 6-17-09
First published: Critiphoria. Mar. 2010. Web.


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