At the Musarium [33901 – 34000]

[33901 – 34000]

Back at the understaffed Co-op
to crossbreed soybean turkey-hen with
cloudberry, tiki, & Bratislava
breadcrumb for the black-market, our wacky
A-Be-Ce-Darian will transubstantiate
by means of electric-blue fluoresce
& an apodictic “Abracadabra!”
into a xiphoid zombis with supersonic
superpowers & other abstrusities,
brainstorming alongside the tsarina
to acclimatise, categorize, disbar,
fossilize, & upwind the VCR
back-to-back against the ATM
brillig for an uncurable bestseller.

Composed: 3-28-15


At the Musarium [20601 – 20700]

[20601 – 20700]
Penurious landsmen booze & polka
the Javanese interregnum between
Rangoon & protuberant, ironclad hotbed
of padres & nitre who embroil typewriting
with absconded commas encamping near
an equine parishioner. Crocuses wheeze
& exorcise, worshiping columnar
telepathy, the satanic avoirdupois
of stratification. Kinda. Don’t sulk
beneath the minaret, damosel. Your
favoritism bucks extrinsic acclivity
for both soggy terrapin & fractious
crustacean, bedridden on the sandbank.

Composed: 4-29-09
First published: Infinity’s Kitchen. 2011. Web.

At the Musarium [13401 – 13500]

[13401 – 13500]

In economics, middle-class cupidity butchers
smoothness. Agile connoisseurs advertise.
Ahmed’s godmother howls loyally & the rest
chide at the abortive propagation, thrashing
Aphrodite. The leafless misguided sleet
& the buff but inhospitable postscript
co-operate to refute the mystified
librarian & insinuate uprising. Bonfire
in the Balkans, Tibet aglow, the tipsy lyrics
of Riley—that renegade from Chichester:
wasteful, incipient, unconnected. Eddies waver.
Loam boils. Sharks graze the aquatic mead
posterior to the toilette stench of pesos.
Through prickly soot, the wavy wove,
insurmountable beneath the yew.

Composed: 4-25-09
First published: Danse Macabre. Adam Henry Carriere, ed. (July 2009). Web.

AT THE MUSARIUM [33601 – 33700]

[33601 – 33700]
If after a lie-in, my louver, you countdown
a halfpennyworth of Longyearbyèn,
that, beplumed in a folksy droplet of
fondue & corbelled with a euphonium
of  banjoes, commutes to your eardrum
misheard much of charisma & kittiwake,
then empathize with this crabby crossbow-
man & his centuple of gris-gris & glyphs,
& when all in a mircofortnight,
assart with Arabica & lox, he
indicts himself incommunicado,
deflate not the frangibility of
his arrogation, nor depredate his
exoskeleton of biomass.
Composed: 3-7-15