AT THE MUSARIUM [33601 – 33700]

[33601 – 33700]
If after a lie-in, my louver, you countdown
a halfpennyworth of Longyearbyèn,
that, beplumed in a folksy droplet of
fondue & corbelled with a euphonium
of  banjoes, commutes to your eardrum
misheard much of charisma & kittiwake,
then empathize with this crabby crossbow-
man & his centuple of gris-gris & glyphs,
& when all in a mircofortnight,
assart with Arabica & lox, he
indicts himself incommunicado,
deflate not the frangibility of
his arrogation, nor depredate his
exoskeleton of biomass.
Composed: 3-7-15


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