At the Musarium [21001 – 21100]

[21001 – 21100]

Hey fellah, lousy artichokes! Autopsy.
Emaciation. Rekindle the bombing
in Laos? Unburden the necromancer?
Ow! Estrange, clarify, mutilate. When
gins outnumber metempsychosis,
the taxpayer spurns his snappy bookshop
to prod gramophone biased attribution
& underestimate aplomb ellipsis.
O bluebird songster, unwitting sojourner,
wreathe your mellifluous cosmogony
in coordinate isinglass & abducted
Tahitian cachet. My inebriate crotch
at its nadir, like a periscope, will
jabber this nugatory shortcoming,
a lorn extemporaneous trombone,
mooney with goading abjuration.

Composed: 1-3-12


At the Musarium [34201 – 34300]

[34201 – 34300]

Let us rethink hyperesthesia.
Does internationalism really
gybe with selenography—with khakis?
Gimbal downstairs to your phoney, pie-faced
girlfriends, & after the goaler has rewound
every quantified isotherm of illogic
linked to the intermittency of
paramagnetic polymer narcosis,
refold their hermeneutics within a
moquette of fruitcake & spadework. Let us
rethink novelization &—gadzooks!—
our half-uncle—that gainsayer—will sext that
levelheaded Miss Hopple until
solipsism will malinger no more.

Composed: 4-17-15

At the Musarium [22301 – 22400]

[22301 – 22400]

South-south-east of the Peloponnese
amid a babbler of sidereal vociferation
embosomed in unconvincing celluloid,
their portmanteaus ablative with attar
& hashish, eyeless Gilgamesh & his
humourous tactician, Simone, still wobbly
from parturition, decamp. Their parlous
rendition is but a panoramic euphemism,
their apocalyptic penthouse a tinder-box
of hornblende metallurgy blanketed
in a furore of fisticuffs. “Why cobblers?
Why a hawker & a saddler? Why a biologist?
Why the rolling-pin? Why the sexless
misanthropic slyness of this laminated ibis?”

Composed: 11-23-11

At the Musarium [25201 – 25300]

[25201 – 25300]
No Bosnian swashbuckler worth his
thesaurus, no namby-pamby gosling
overridden with gabardine possesses
shearer serape than you, my own life-
blood, whose visceral enervation &
garrulousness antedate abjectness
& obsolescent congelation. Each
nuance of hypothetically sub-
jacent midwifery left us dog-tired
& blasphemously semi-detached
from lifetimes of norms, the abyss of
unsalable intensification,
& the debacle of illuminative
modernism. Fiddlesticks.

Composed: 6-19-11