At the Musarium [201 – 300]

[201 – 300]

Mother words soon end. However, light
cannot. Father knew almost enough
having done better, since morning, Lord,
when death stood & hands asked, “Does
use matter?” Form herself began
& woman gave water. Let Gutenberg—
white & poor & next—believe
anything, full certain, that a room
turned quiet & a voice less true told
& soon passed. Enough money taken &
works given, whose large want
for a kind wife, means power. Best
others order less. Half round
friend, keep thy feet.

Composed: 10-30-09
Published: Moria. William Allegezza, ed. (Winter 2010). Web.
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At the Musarium [33001 – 33100]

[33001 – 33100]

Pocked with paintwork, Lulu mighta been
moonlighting. No tomboyish shogun, but
no sadist, either, she was as left-wing
& luminescent as the Erinyes
on the freeway. She could scam a Rodin
out of a hexahedron. She mighta
been a godforsaken luddite, but her
mega-wonky weathervane, as much as
her hedonic headwind, was undepraved.
We getup to publicize the “gotcha”
lovage of salami knackers &
overplay the Maharashtra back in
Muskogee. What mighta been! Instead we’re
goners for gimlet-eyed ophthalmology.

Composed: 5-22-15

At the Musarium [28601 – 28700]

[28601 – 28700]

Now, at mid-May in Trapani, plangent
stickleback, with scalene asymmetry,
sheave the seaway in free-for-all bonding
& fusiform interrelation. Was it
Polyhymnia that gelt Castrato?
Does dialog desktop shareware outrank
the monochromatic brume of all this
iconography? Was it wrongheaded
accountancy or simply numismatics
that overlie the Oslo Olympics?
Would’ve anything kept the pterodactyl
from the piglets? Would’ve it been so
allegedly ultra-exceptional
for the oligarch to misplace his Jeep?

Composed: 5-16-15

At the Musarium [25501 – 24600]

[25501 – 24600]

A lopsided perimeter of gnomon
& dimorphic monoliths. Dmitry
midair. Roly-poly on his go-cart.
Splicing together the on-going cheep-
cheep of well-muscled loose-leaf glucoside
chromosome by chromosome, eschewing
lobbyist & gaucho alike. Yonder
jaunts the muezzin, that thug, macerated
with plasma, assessing the well-off—who’re
no more well-off than he. Do these connote
the gerund mauling banality of scrabble?
An appurtenance to overshoot? Or
an acronym to untangle?


AT THE MUSARIUM [25301 – 25400]

[25301 – 25400]

Dinnertime anytime: tuna chili
with vermouth & peppercorns, or retro
Tunisian ibex on a cartouche of
baobab & kava. Collarless with
binocular hugeness & kinky pro-
creative preconception. Okay?
Okay! Just horseplay. Okay! Gunfire.
Recordings that undulate across the
banquette & punctuate the keening
infelicitous treadle of nighttime.
Guillermo aren’t you uxorious for the
luridly vertiginous tansy birthmark-ing
Tethys after she luridly rewrote the
strum & bogie of bothersome Tallahassee?

Composed: 5-2-15