At the Musarium [33101 – 33200]

[33101 – 33200]

Firefighting against the counterclaim
of some balding bigfoot—his he-man
fedora crummy, in escrow, & all
cock-a-doodle-doo—that despite its
highfaluting inertial agoraphobia,
the avant-garde can still automagically
defuse donuts & gooseflesh at a keystroke,
our flustrated chairperson & her apple-
jack copilot dishevel his cowlick,
bugger about the handout at the hang-
out, then juke exaltedly on their bikes
in anticyclone around the clambake.
Who now devalue the boink, gustation,
& egalitarian awesomeness
of acescent matriarchy?

Composed: 6-22-15


At the Musarium [401-500]

[401 – 500]

Ask river to answer,
sun to understand, sea to turn
hard, human to talk terms,
feeling to change
everything, arms to hold back
the hours, eye to mark
ten fine black miles past five
dark ones.  Ask beautiful
to sort need, brother to longer
an idea, evening to return to
sometimes.  Ask making to interest
necessary, the common book
to close its electronic account
of force & ought.  Ask sense to act
& act to sense.  Ask age not to fear
& fear not to bring doubt, & the lady
across the table, “What else?”

Composed: 3-11-10
Published: Poetic Diversity. Marie Lecrivain, ed. (Dec 2010). Web.

At the Musarium [7601 – 7700]

[7601 – 7700]

Zeus was overheard cheering for the Pilgrims
exporting thirsty frenzy thereafter. Item:
ominous currency. Item: wrinkled regulation
& silken calculation. The Khan bids
expansion. Moscow indicates an uproar
of suggestive violation at the disputed
junction between taxation & revenues.
His commanders defy wonton Achilles.
These involve menace. These tempt the dragon.
Fondly & separately, the mayor & his
unsuccessful son-in-law, Sophia
& her witty courtiers, Michael & Jeffery,
twist unsolicited, without noticing
what ranges reluctant & renown at
the plucked peak of yearning & vexation.

Composed: 3-13-12

At the Musarium [301 – 400]

[301 – 400]

Already lost & in a whether city held
where along air answered several times gone
where children cried behind reason & sure
where letter received in open body
why indeed business united above care
& a dear girl & a son thus state thus
where thee become earth alone
during times known perhaps public
& leave open help & English laws.
The hour replied, the state, the ground
perhaps nature itself, therefore call
& wish & question truth, looking forth.
Mean soul, I’ll speak, & women, spirit,
rest, & coming fire feel.

Composed: 10-30-09
Published: Moria. William Allegezza, ed. (Winter 2010). Web.