At the Musarium [7601 – 7700]

[7601 – 7700]

Zeus was overheard cheering for the Pilgrims
exporting thirsty frenzy thereafter. Item:
ominous currency. Item: wrinkled regulation
& silken calculation. The Khan bids
expansion. Moscow indicates an uproar
of suggestive violation at the disputed
junction between taxation & revenues.
His commanders defy wonton Achilles.
These involve menace. These tempt the dragon.
Fondly & separately, the mayor & his
unsuccessful son-in-law, Sophia
& her witty courtiers, Michael & Jeffery,
twist unsolicited, without noticing
what ranges reluctant & renown at
the plucked peak of yearning & vexation.

Composed: 3-13-12


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