At the Musarium [34401 – 34500]

[34401 – 34500]

From the pov of that love-struck
Malawian, Piet, hi-tech onto-
genesis is no more than precautious
playacting. For a francophone, housefly
is to oxtail as songwriting is to
oboist. For a non-member, a kitbag
is a kickback sockdolager funambulist
& jicarilla the leitmotif leveed
against hardcore memorability.
Thus multitasking. Thus the reuse of
Santorini to orchestrate midweek
the recrystallization of homo-
typic mycology—the insessorial
stir-fry of our halm & hander.

Composed: 7-25-15


At the Musarium [1401 – 1500]

[1401 – 1500]
for Hildegard

Listen, you’ll be hearing about Italy
where my handsome uncle Paul worked
for Washington. A genius, actually,
distinguished, intellectual, but he had
a dangerous habit. He whispered in Spanish,
apparently aware while walking, of what
the numbers were. Advanced Science published
a little noticed list in which unknown characters
became interested. I was nine, the size
& height for what was needed. Twice
I bore a direct approach, tender but willing.
At the station I remarked a priest
& demanded contact with the wounded.
We burst up the drive watching, putting
principles aside, & by then the affair
had truly grown active in august consequence.

Composed: 10-23-10
First published: Really System. Patrick Williams, ed. Issue Four, Fall 2014. Web. []

At the Musarium [32901 – 33000]

[32901 – 33000]

Electro-mechanical world-weariness
is not atypical. Robotic quirts
riff. Adrianna embosoming her cooey
walkway bushwhacked her purebred
tussocky Ugandan, triggering symbiotic
accustomedness. Cascabel, your
bissextile biweekly blowhole
means a deathtrap for Caymanian
compensator vitalism. Dicey.
Dumbfound Vilnius. Abscission the back-
room, where underdog aweather, blindworm
semivowel, & cacography whoosh. Dear
complexional compere, chamorro.
Brasilia, chamorro.

Composed: 3-13-11
Blogged: 7-11-15