At the Musarium [23101 – 23200]

[23101 – 23200]
I’m irreparably corking endive,
that effervescent confetti, like a watchdog
terrorist Antichrist, a tungsten cleaver
precipitously insensitive to
fanfare. Clots & plinth mull the catafalque
prone to conceptual audio, a fiver
for grapefruit, a cappella derivable
from sludge. Digitalis to congeal
the loamy arquebus. A sailboat &
wallpaper collide to proscribe catastrophic
unconformity & expunge ruminant moa.
Misha, when you enshrine telephony, SOS,
so, too, do you the mazurka afflatus
avatar of malignancy.

Composed: 1-10-12


At the Musarium [22601 – 22700]

[22601 – 22700]

Let’s snooze upon the lavishness of this
well-read wagonette whose circum-
navigation of orphanages abates
dispiriting quick-tempered quicklime,
& croon to ourselves as we go bareback
with a wineglass of brassy manioc
along a mussel-smelly swath of Sinhalese
coastline where the well-tempered silkworm
within its half-yearly camouflage might
yet disintegrate Tehran. We hoed once,
as now we hone, our homologous
soma not a by-product, not an ogress,
but our adoptive farrago, even
here, at the expiry of this trans-
continental cul-de-sac.

Composed: 8-21-15

An aerial Kathleen sweeps the verandah
lazily as dejected Mexicans roam
the Southwest. Indolence aids their distraction.
Assassins & lunatics havoc Corinth.
Abashed & loathsome they forge a stronghold.
Impudent, “impulsive” (in quotes), laughingly
childlike, they paw back, & traverse the
prominence. Initiated, they throb,
expand. Boom! A boar pauses northeast of
the fossil remnants, the pyramid crater,
the ladies’ unhappiness, the vigilant
overseer. Twenty-seven sagacious
mechanics kindle leafy births,
tumble by dint of forthcoming &
fervor, unlawful & irritable with zest.

Composed: 3-25-09
Published: Counterexample Poetics. Felino Soriano, ed. (July 2009). Web.


At the Musarium [501 – 600]

[501 – 600]

I’ve blood red view
late, clear daughter,
beyond happy purpose
or further knowledge—
neither mine nor none.
Living comes & desire
makes real. Suppose
position, sound, cold—
rose wood. An army run.
London, France, the American
West. Pleasure led to paper
that pretty fall when
history opened & future
doing certainly tried.
Remember? The wind,
big hair. Peace hath added
seem to stand, strength to
length. Fair copy,
laid low, placed
the law below although.

Composed: 12-19-09
Psychic Meatloaf. 2011 [Defunct] Web.
New Writing: International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing. Taylor & Francis. 7-12-12. Web.

At the Musarium [21801 – 21900]

[21801 – 21900]

Marduk amuck & the manlike buttercup
blurt ungrammatical drivel scot-free.
Their binoculars are irked. Luxe,
Congruity & Obduracy: Dad’s
sketchy empiricism disallowed
grumpy whomever. He misread
Vercingetorix but not the countermand
Amazonian orgasm abutting
ambient alignment & whetstone tubing.
Cambridgeshire–hyphen–Zimbabwe &
Kosovo–hyphen–Bedfordshire intermarry
anyway. They capsize aeons
while cantata embalm & overreach.
Swill pops resuscitate the parquet
& nab a trilogy of pernickety ukelele.

Composed: 4-25-09