At the Musarium [501 – 600]

[501 – 600]

I’ve blood red view
late, clear daughter,
beyond happy purpose
or further knowledge—
neither mine nor none.
Living comes & desire
makes real. Suppose
position, sound, cold—
rose wood. An army run.
London, France, the American
West. Pleasure led to paper
that pretty fall when
history opened & future
doing certainly tried.
Remember? The wind,
big hair. Peace hath added
seem to stand, strength to
length. Fair copy,
laid low, placed
the law below although.

Composed: 12-19-09
Psychic Meatloaf. 2011 [Defunct] Web.
New Writing: International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing. Taylor & Francis. 7-12-12. Web.


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