At the Musarium [22601 – 22700]

[22601 – 22700]

Let’s snooze upon the lavishness of this
well-read wagonette whose circum-
navigation of orphanages abates
dispiriting quick-tempered quicklime,
& croon to ourselves as we go bareback
with a wineglass of brassy manioc
along a mussel-smelly swath of Sinhalese
coastline where the well-tempered silkworm
within its half-yearly camouflage might
yet disintegrate Tehran. We hoed once,
as now we hone, our homologous
soma not a by-product, not an ogress,
but our adoptive farrago, even
here, at the expiry of this trans-
continental cul-de-sac.

Composed: 8-21-15


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