At the Musarium [27201 – 27300]

[27201 – 27300]

Although these comparatives of eMacs
setup an indecipherable gumbo
of phantasmagoric hyper-discernment
& heave-to of immeasurable topo-
graphic inexistence, nevertheless,
they pantomime showdown after showdown:
of pussy-cat & fishwife, topcoat &
tugboat, numerator & hydrometer,
blacksmithing & typesetting, mono &
nitro, gonads & gonorrhea: so that
who’s not going to update his portmanteaux
of wishy-washy understatement with a
sizeable sonant of spooky & spoony?

Composed: 9-17-15


At the Musarium [30401 – 30500]

[30401 – 30500]

The svelte sportswoman benched her Anglo-
Catholic boyfriend, Hansel, for oodles of
crisps & a copeck. Like lemming,
who grout shearwater for a washbasin,
like loup-garou opportunistic for
demission, she lidded her Mephistophelean
granddad in fizzy loincloth inapposite
to her gestalt, surfing the uppercase
effortlessly, electro-demiurge
onboard. Legit Orientalism or
Dickensian artifact of dipsomania,
her pulchritude thrips Zagreb
in big-endian flannelette kamboh.

Composed: 5-1-09
First published: Spirits Arts Literary Magazine. Clint Wadsworth, ed. (Spring 2010): 10. Print.

At The Musarium [23201 – 23300]

[23201 – 23300]

The slacker & the debutante behind
the sagebrush, a madwoman at the gym
in a negligee, the greengrocer resembling
a chipmunk mired in margarine, the
polecat from Rwanda: how they fizz
over a cornucopia of taffy
& dribble Armageddon, each with
such a warm-blooded ach-ach! At the rink,
a skater, a Cartesian grid her
racquet. Thwack! Thwack! “I kana do it,
Pam. I kana traduce that poor dormouse!”
All the while, precipitously, the fleur-de-lis
of heartbreak will jibe at all of them, though
not as open-minded as theretofore.

Composed: 9-5-15