At the Musarium [28401 – 28500]

[28401 – 28500]

“What sclerotic bibliomaniac,
coincidental with his psychologist,
bussed in these upflung glossaries & down-
loaded them to the icebox?” abridges
a crapulous Nigerian who yaws
again to sidestep a hyperbolic
Swazi cannonball. (That was touch-&-go.)
What a worrier! What a temerarious
ranter! (Here he yorks in order to toughen
his sphincter.) What a miniscule klepto-
maniac! “Must they all, on a bender
of mayhem & abomination, gimp
at the bloodroot of organizational
racism, interacting only to
revitalize their blurry egos?”



At the Musarium [28201 – 28300]

[28201 – 28300]

Though some may heckle his methodology
shredding the unvoiced symmetry of his
artwork, the structured impetuousness
& antiphony of his achromatism
with blustery protasis, recanting:
Hey you! Hey stoopid! Hey nuthatch! Hey prof!
Veery sleazy, veery altruistic,
veery meta-licit!—a close-knit sub-
set, technologically arguable,
eschews this as a simple glitch in the
freeware, an uncoupled statistic, a
metabolic eyot pimping for the
non-living—a ringworm of prankish corkscrews
veining the collarbone with pythons.

Composed: 10-10-15

At the Musarium [14001 – 14100]

[14001 – 14100]
The hangman & the salesman bivouac
near Bruges brandishing sausage. The hacker
& coquette jangle a licentious tome.
Meanwhile, the swain collects indebtedness
sulkily as his concierge does pewter,
while outside their convex dormitory
rhinoceros snout adroitly, drilling Higgins
into the bookcase. An aroma of carrion,
a whiff from a circuitous censor, together
foretell inefficient monetary manipulation—
the risky fruition of Nebuchadnezzar’s
festal fantasy & the momentum
acceded to his Peterborough priestess.

Composed: 7-8-09