At the Musarium [27101 – 27200]

[27101 – 27200]
for Sheelagh

That fucking Massimo, nothing but boozing,
along with that hedonistic washout,
Mikhail. Dinosaurs the both of them.
They yowl & berate mommy & mothers-
in-law alike, the one a bullfrog, the
other an analog. Under the yarrow
or up in an axletree, they uncoil, a
centimetre past the deadline, daffy
& avuncular, & unsheathe themselves,
millimetre-by-millimetre, beyond
all circumvention. Now, no more of your
macabre metasyntactic molybdenum,
or, by Kraken, I’ll have the bouncer out
to castrate ye!

Composed: 12-19-15


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