At the Musarium [12901 – 13000]

[12901 – 13000]

Claudia & Paolo doze for decades,
condescending to stagger aimless
through the torturous stubble of an Antarctic
amaze of inactivity, no festivity to foil
their noxious probabilities, nourishing
themselves on entrails of memoir, still ripped
by the sapphire lighthouse of lifelong revulsion.
They drawback each digit of their indigo delegation,
wrap the woolen rig in firewood, dunno
squat about smallpox, confuse dung
& coinage, & finally dismount by the Tigris
or one of its tributaries, gardening
the tilt for an antidote.

Composed: 7-8-09
First published: Hamilton Stone Review. Roger Mitchel, ed. (Summer 2010). Web.
New Writing. UK. 7-12-12. Web.


At the Musarium [11601 – 11700]

[11601 – 11700]
Cheerless tomatoes treble the thriving
profligate & overrun Syracuse
contracting for would-be Euripides
& other assassins along the glassy
Transvaal. The eaves overwhelm them
in embryo, their voluptuous shrewdness
altering the walnut crook of candor.
Lazarus, yeast, & renunciation froze
unprotected from the outlying paradox
of hating meekness while deduction lurked.
Shorn of their marbles surgeons applaud
& wield a corporeal prophesy
indicative of astronomical apex
inlaid with a tempestuous garland
of clocks, cowboys, & allegory.

Composed: 5-19-09
First published: Really System. Patrick Williams, ed. Issue Four, Fall 2014. Web. []

At the Musarium [32101 – 32200]

[32101 – 32200]

O accustomary desirer,
with all your accredits & qualia,
your handgun, your hype, & your howdy-do,
your squarehead, symbiosis, & legalese:
I’m not spoofing. I’ve got the lowdown.
You psycho, you megalomaniac.
No vivisectionist from Tupelo,
no pericardial Queenslander &
her kilderkin who binge on hand-me-down
shopworn retro-typeface & goofy
synergy can subsume the lionised
acute-angled Gabonese who don’t advertize
or those rambunctious Guyanese who zap
quixotically, or un-sync the authoring
of their enormousness—all for the burble
of a woodwind touterer.

Composed: 1-9-16