At the Musarium [29001 – 29100]

[29001 – 29100]
Dearest Sequoia, my mid-October
cornflower, why runoff like an ocelot
transmogrified, like a peewit from the
bottleneck of its birdcage, leaving me
a jobless turd, a depressive dipso-
maniac with the hiccups? Musta been
back in mid-August, we’d decant foodstuff
& synchronize shortcuts through the spearmint,
& you’d be so macro-zygomatic,
& I’d always overpay the tragediennes
for the lenience of their savoir-faire.
But now, Sequoia, your Iapetus
no longer accedes semi-annually
to the quintuple syncretism of the blahs.

Composed: 2-27-16


At the Musarium [25501 – 24600]

[25501 – 24600]

A lopsided perimeter of gnomon
& dimorphic monoliths. Dmitry
midair. Roly-poly on his go-cart.
Splicing together the on-going cheep-
cheep of well-muscled loose-leaf glucoside
chromosome by chromosome, eschewing
lobbyist & gaucho alike. Yonder
jaunts the muezzin, that thug, macerated
with plasma, assessing the well-off—who’re
no more well-off than he. Do these connote
the gerund mauling banality of scrabble?
An appurtenance to overshoot? Perhaps
an acronym to untangle?

Composed: 5-9-15

At the Musarium [34801 – 34900]

[34801 – 34900]

Hmm! Another introvert at his eggcup,
dunking his lifesize hacksaw in the lavabo,
methamphetamine in his granola,
dopamine at the furcula of his
Oversoul. Who could ever dismast her?
My fylfot flip-flops, my germanium
ids: Should I parlay them off-the-wall? Or
lefthanded, levigate her hetero?
Hosannahing as the knotweed encodes,
deontology, with middle-earth to
juxtapose, while metadata inter-
digitate on the Nintendo hwy.
My endmost khanate, my Ivorian
hemp: Should I elide or Frenchify? Or
dear Karelia exfoliate?

Composed: 2-5-16