AT THE MUSARIUM [29301 – 29400]

[29301 – 29400]

Sabella, Sabella, so apple-cheeked
& nubile, why spoof me in that nightie
at the highfalutin aftermost of
a Salvadoran sestet? As azotic
as a katydid, as itchy as the
rat-tat-tat of graffiti deletion,
as lustrously macaronic as
a farmhand in psychotherapy: why
proselytize with euphemisms, my
luv, on the one-way permeability
& semantic misspelling of tin-plat
accidentals, only to skimp like a
whippersnapper shortstop at the
pleonastic wasteland of chauvinism?

Composed: 4-30-16


At the Musarium [29201 – 29300]

[29201 – 29300]
Before all will vaporize inside
the airlock of a crematorium,
& we, draggle-tailed & funky with
wordiness, refract timeworn & aweless
the transportable four-dimensional
ideational indetermination
of Timbuktu, before we penalize
justiciable Malian mnemonics
for limbless polymorphic polyphony,
before we, like all arthropoda before
us, burgeon with wapentake & then
truncate lightheaded outta the psychotic
Oligocene of emotive &
experiential relocation, let us
not just kowtow to exhibitionism
but iterate & refrigerate it.