At the Musarium [1001 – 1100]

[1001 – 1100]
for Phil

Stop. Wouldn’t the rule fit the instance if
shown directly? Meaning that the moral example
obliged official members to servant his request
by keeping the offer lower & the darkness
complete? Wonderful start. Drink? He’s
proved his courage provided a sufficient
passion, though the board questions this.
Military access. Ears! Attack! Worse loss.
A mighty movement mentioned. The crowd
had spoken, but, at a glance, the higher fee
in dollars couldn’t doctor a safer path.
This is serious. A father’s built for
sorry, for grace, pride, for his dog, Jack.
All repeated forms of the same vain dream.
The class smiled. Heads shook. Any questions?

Composed: 10-17-10


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