At the Musarium

[22101 – 22200]

Heavy-hearted & auricular, her
etymologies spank with gristle the
lorgnette sternum of the islander,
Carabao. “Ugh,” sortes he, at the uncalled-for
jab, his kinetic masculinity undiluted.
How pleasingly shaped is this trickster,
Melancholia, her acrobatic
mammalian periodicity, her
mementoes that unwind & inveigh
suchlike disjunction, & then suture, cupped
& disorganised, a grapevine of cluck &
fleck. “Yah, my sumptuary tadpole, my
cup-bearer, my dogcart, why girder this
lying-in? Why stereotype this searing
nova with coronal beeswax?”

Composed: 11-21-11


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