At the Musarium [8301 – 8400]

[8301 – 8400]

Those ineffable suns, that crackling out
of the surly blouse of the Southeast chafe
inscrutable Halifax & absorb
its hazy draughts, that meditate upon
its arable but unbearable nucleus
of disciplined enlightenment before
vanishing in a fickle secession
from kingly courtship & consistently
oblong completeness, that then switch back from
fir to primrose—oughtn’t they be bothered,
as I am bothered, by dejection, by this
unprecedented sabre of indictment,
by these scissors of stupor & retribution?

Composed: 12-31-16


At the Musarium

[7601 – 7700]

Sagacious, inexperienced, downcast
bent over the archives of a stalwart
witchcraft, weaving a Breton tapestry
out of woollen yarn & conveniently
pompous appellation, Mia unlocked
injunction from its subterranean
illegal sandstone compartment beneath
a Brooklyn sidewalk. It smelt of sulphur
of gunpowder, like a brace of onion
or congress of manure. Restlessness is
a tumultuous barbarian, a
timely lunatic, tracing nuisance from
its whereabouts among the firmament
to an attic nook in the closet
of acquiescence.