At the Musarium [20501 – 20600]

[20501 – 20600]

It’s out-and-out improvisation
unambitious looker-on. Before you
unroll your teepee under the ozone
periphery, head rearward. Promulgate
plumbing. Outgrow your sanctimonious
Delphic salamander. Juggle awareness
& verbiage like the incontinent chimpanzee
who dwelt upon the smokeless empyrean.
Fertilize drubbing with abetting, basing
hardwood on emulsion & schist.
Anyways, mope no more. The kingfisher
is high-strung & seventy-one, topmast
to stocky shepherdesses & your goldfish
eyeglasses can only impoverish the spunk of him.

Composed: 4-29-09
Published: Infinity=s Kitchen. 2011. Web.


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